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1700’s Reclaimed Timber Used For Decorative Beams & Mantles

Salvage Lumber – Authentic 1700’s Reclaimed Timber For Sale

Using salvaged lumber and antique timber in and around homes adds fantastic character to properties. As a basic rule, the older and more rustic salvage lumber is, the better.

Are you looking for antique timber for your next building or interior design project? If so, we’re delighted to announce the availability of antique timber beams first milled in the 1700s.

Antique Timber and Salvage Lumber Uses

Salvage lumber has a unique aesthetic that can’t be equaled by modern wood. There are also a near-infinite number of ways antique timber can be used in construction and interior decoration.

Homeowners looking to add historic flavors to properties, typically do so in the kitchen. The solid, earthy texture of aged lumber, makes beams perfect for use in traditional shelving, cabinetry, and countertop designs.

Salvage lumber and antique timber can also be used to make standout furnishings, headboards, and artistic feature wall designs.

Create Standout Home Interiors

In every case, antique timber becomes a focal point in a room. This is true regardless of whether aged timber is used in standalone feature pieces like mantelpieces, or reworked into eye-catching furniture.

Antique Timber is the Only Old-Growth Wood on the Market

Why salvage lumber has such an iconic aesthetic is simple. Aged lumber like that in our 1700s beams, harks from an age when old-growth wood was in ready supply.

Old-growth oak and other forms of timber were originally sourced from trees that had been allowed to fully mature. Timber was, therefore, already centuries old before it was processed.

By comparison, modern timber is sourced from trees that are usually just 25-40 years old. Trees are mature. However, timber isn’t nearly as dense, durable, or rich in texture, as timber from old-growth forests.

Using Restoration Lumber in Construction

Because aged timber is often denser and more durable than modern timber, it is often still possible to use salvage lumber in construction. Typically, though, aged lumber is used more for ornamentation than it is to add structural strength.

Thanks to the fantastic aesthetic of antique timber, people commonly use full beams to add character to contemporary open ceilings. Larger pieces of salvage lumber can also be used to build statement outdoor living areas like outdoor decks and pergolas.

Aged Lumber and Antique Timber is Scarce

The main drawback when using salvage lumber in design and construction rests with the fact that aged timber is scarce. Each year, salvage lumber also becomes more scarce.

Are you planning on incorporating aged timber into your next renovation or home design project? If so, call or contact us to secure the lumber you need to bring your next project to completion.